“The Aftermath of a Break Up” – Chapter One

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The Aftermath of a Break Up

Chapter One

Assessing the Damage

Author’s Note: This is written from a female perspective, from a woman whose heart has been broken by her boyfriend. Change pronouns as you see fit.


Surviving a break up is like coming out of hiding after a war–expect a lot of damage, some toppled buildings, and ruined lives (most likely yours, perhaps maybe even your now-ex-boyfriend, maybe there were even others involved like friends and family). The castle probably has the most damage since, after all, your now-ex-boyfriend tore those walls down in the war that resulted in all of this, and likely the queen–that would be you–is wondering how she could have been so utterly stupid in the first place, letting someone just galavant all over her like that under the pretense that they thought she was just so ~special~. She let him play her heart like the court musician plays his lute at banquets, let her be enchanted by his spells that left her blinded, defenseless. And how, exactly, could she let him tear every last brick of her heart down with no quarter spared for the brave soldiers who fought to defend her so?

The damage, to be quite frank and continue this metaphor, is awful, but nothing to cry over–buildings can be rebuilt. No, she’s finished shedding her tears over the man who tried to poison her with his manipulative charm. Today is the day she will begin rebuilding her kingdom, starting with herself. She will hire the best people in the realm to ready the new castle’s walls, find exotic and frankly quite deadly things to fill the brand new and twice as deep as it used to be moat with, burn all her old bridges, and make everything new and whole again.

But what about her prince? He endured a special punishment, reserved for toads like him. She turned him into a toad, in fact–the ugliest in the world so people could truly see him for what he is: an ugly man. And the special thing about this toad? No kiss, lick, or touch will ever make him a human again. Will she find another prince? Quite frankly, she doesn’t care if she ever stumbles upon one again, and she isn’t actively looking for another prince halfway across the globe from her. She is actually, as a matter of fact, setting sail to a distant isle to rescue a cute princess dressed all in silvers and reds with hair the colour of ash, and together they shall rule all of Insert Kingdom Here together. After all the queen doesn’t mind taking on the role of what she would call a Woman King so that her cute little princess could be her queen.

She would rather have a queen than a deceptive prince become her king.